Swiss Travel

Some of the world’s most breathtaking routes are found in Switzerland, whose rail network climbs between snowy glaciers, green valleys and panoramic lakes. And not only does this give you access to the extensive Swiss rail network but also to buses, boats and trams.

2015 Swiss Travel System Rates




  • The ever popular Swiss Pass enables visitors to travel on any mode of transport on the Swiss Travel System – trains, PostBuses, ships, buses and trams – without additional charges for periods ranging from four days to one month. Enjoy unrestricted travel right from the airport to the mountains and back.

  • The Swiss Transfer Ticket is a return ticket from the Swiss border or one of Switzerland’s airports to your destination (ticket is valid for one month, but each journey must be completed in one day and on the most direct route). The Swiss Transfer Ticket is ideal for those spending holidays in one location.

    The Swiss Card offers the same advantages as the Swiss Transfer Ticket and includes one-day transfers from airport or border stations to destinations in Switzerland and return plus unlimited tickets at half-fare. The Swiss Card is valid for 1 month and is ideal if you are spending your holidays in one specific region.


  • The Swiss Family Card is issued free of cost along with the Swiss Travel System ticket for parents travelling with children under the age of 16. Children travel free of charge when accompanied by at least one parent holding a Swiss Travel System ticket

  • Fast Baggage


    Fast Baggage offers a same-day baggage delivery between 45 cities and holiday destinations throughout Switzerland. Passengers hand in their luggage at the train station not later than 9 a.m. and collect it at their destination station from 6 p.m. onwards the same day (or a little later in some places).

    Fly Rail Baggage


    You can have your luggage sent from any airport in the world to your rail station destination in Switzerland via Zurich, Geneva or Bern airport, no matter which airline you fly. This means you arrive at the airport and your luggage is automatically forwarded to your destination station. This way, you don’t lose any time waiting for your suitcase.