Night Trains


Save on cost and time as you travel across Europe on its many comfortable night trains. From reclining seats to private cabins, there’s an option to suit every budget.




  • The Elipsos Trainhotel is an international night train with all the trappings of a hotel. From suites to a restaurant and bar, there are as many amenities on this train as in a star hotel. Elipsos travels from travels from Spain to France, Switzerland and Italy, including Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich, Milan and beyond.


    You won’t lose sleep when you travel on the comfortable and speedy City Night Line trains that take you to Europe’s most beautiful cities. With options for a remarkable range of budgets, this is the perfect way to travel for students and executives alike.


    Thello brings together two of Europe’s most popular countries in style with a fast, quality train that travels up to 290 kmph as it traverses the country-side between Italy and France. 

    Thello train 220

        |   Venice S Lucia - Milan- Paris gare de Lyon

    Thello train 221

       |   Paris gare de Lyon - Milan- Venice S.Lucia