Vienna - Budapest Train

There’s a whole new world of discovery awaiting the wandering traveller in East Europe. Stray off the beaten path and discover its rugged landscapes, friendly people and culturally vibrant cities – there’s something here for everyone.





  • Eastern Europe is a symphony for your senses and you can explore the best of it through the European East Pass that offers unlimited travel through Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

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  • Discover mystique in Turkey, medieval architecture in Macedonia and come face to face with folklore in Romania with a Balkan Pass that also takes you through Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro.

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  • The Central Europe Triangle Pass is a great way to see the most popular cities in Central Europe and get one-way 2nd class rail travel between Vienna, Budapest and Prague, or Vienna, Prague and Salzburg. Just choose one of the two rail itineraries, start in the city of your choice and travel in any direction.

    Vienna-Prague, Prague-Budapest, Budapest-Vienna
    Vienna-Prague, Prague-Salzburg, Salzburg-Vienna

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